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With the Self Isolation and social distancing we all have to adhere to for the foreseeable future, it is hard for us to choose a start date for our next set of Family Manners classes. Currently our building is closed. We are not sure when it will re open. We are waiting for more direction on that!

We do understand that life goes on with our dogs! And many people want to get started working on their new family members manners!
So we have created an online version of our family manners class for people that would like to move forward sooner than later with our classes.

As always we prefer to meet the people and dogs in person but this is a next best alternative! We do hope to see everyone in person when this craziness is over!

The classes will be run via a Private Facebook Group. So you must be on facebook to enrol.

There will be one group for people that want to do a “self directed” class. This means the notes and videos will be posted and you will have 8 weeks to work through the lessons on your own. There will be NO questions and no input from our instructors and you will not have to post any videos. This might be a better option for people that are not “tech” savvy at posting video! Cost will be $100.00 for the 8 lessons. Regular class price is $200.00

The second Group will be a WORKING group. This means we want to see videos of you and your dogs working! You must have a way to post short 1 min MAX videos of you and your dog working the lessons.You can ask any questions you would like answered as well. We will have 4 of our instructors monitoring the group and they can answer your questions as we work through the lessons. Cost $140.00

We will post a registration form on April 17th here on the web site. You will fill it out and pay via e-transfer. All the info for that will be on the registration form. Click here for the registration form.
You will need a clicker for this class so if you do not have one, you can order off the internet or we have clickers for sale for $5.00 each and we can arrange to get you one.

For those of you that want to give online lessons a try, this is for you! We have been teaching online agility classes for the last 7 years! So we do this type of teaching all the time. We have just never offered our Family Manners classes as an online option before now! We have been asked to do this in the past, now we have a REALLY good reason to do it!

Looking forward to all this social distancing to be over and we can go back to working with people and their dogs in person!

Stay Safe everyone!
From The Staff of Pawsitive Steps

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